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Latest News
29.06.15 Private Yoga for EVERYone
Launching June 15th, Pure Yoga will be offering private yoga to non-members.

Enjoy your yoga [more]

29.06.15 Important Notice to all Cardholders

In light of the overwhelming demand for Wall Rope Yoga, please note that effective from 1 July [more]

12.06.15 International Yoga Day
21 June
21 June is International Yoga Day! Share the wonders of Yoga with the world. To celebrate, Pure [more]

09.06.15 Special Class-Baptiste Power Vinyasa with Angel
13 June Saturday 2:00-3:30pm
Pure is pleased to welcome new teacher Angel Dong to our Shanghai teaching faculty! Angel will lead [more]

03.06.15 Pure Yoga Shanghai Welcomes Angel Dong
We're pleased to welcome new teacher Angel Dong! Angel is joining our Shanghai teaching faculty. [more]

28.05.15 Special Class-Ashtanga Full Primary Series with Ethan
7 June Sunday

Ashtanga Full Primary Series

The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is called Yoga [more]

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Pure Events Diary

13-23/8 HK Upeksha Immersion: 54-hour CET - Lawrence Pradhan

25-5/7 SG ©Universal Yoga Teacher Training Part 2 - Copper Crow
27-19/7 SG Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Meridian Master Immersion - William & Pankaj
3-12 HK Kuchipudi Immersion 2015 – Jatis, Gopala and Brahmanjali - Hari Om
4-5 HK Zing & Zest: Thai Massage Therapy - Anjan and Martina
4-5 SH Return to Zero, A Beginner’s Workshop - Chops
4-5 TP ©Universal Yoga - MahaShakti: Journey to your Body, Mind & Soul - Laura Huang
5-2/8 HK Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa Yoga Mandala​ “Complimentary Workshop” - Dario Calvaruso ​
11-16 HK Buddhist Meditation Instruction and Dhamma Talks - Tan Dhammavidu
11-18/10 SG Beginner's Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training - Hee Boon
17-25 HK Yin Yang Yoga Workshop - Nitai Richard Jan
20-2/8 SH 14-day Hot Vinyasa Challenge - Samresh Keshyap
22-8/8 HK Summer Kids Yoga Fun - Samantha & Scott
25 SG The Secret of Illumination - Michael Sutton
25-26 HK Hatha Rise To Kundalini - Deva Biswas & Master Reddy

1-2 SH Wall Rope Yoga - Felicia Toh
2-30 SH Shape Up: Yoga Fit to Restore Vitality - Ocean Liang
7-9 HK Wall Rope Yoga with Props and Ropes - Veronique Tsui
8-9 HK Ashtanga Weekend Workshop - Clayton Horton
8 or 31/10 HK Finding Yin in the Yang: A Yin Yoga Immersion - Keiki To
9-6/9 HK Reconnect, Redefine and Recharge - TT Ho
13-23 SH The Energetics of Excellence: 100-hr Advanced Teacher Training - Patrick Creelmen
15 TP Story of the Sages: An Exploration of Advanced Asanas - Angela & Sean
15-16 HK Back to Basics - Rajeev Kahn
22-27 TP Angels Certification Workshops - Nelly Angel
22-23 HK The Mechanics of Inversions and Arm Balances - Marysia Do
22-30 HK Ignite Your Real Power - Serena Chan
28-4/9 SG 8-Day Programme to Awaken Your Power - Tryphena Chia
29-30 HK A Journey into the Hips - Gopal Palanisamy
29-30 SH Locked into Success: Stronger Practice - Mula Bandha with Lina Zapata
31-28/11 HK 108 - Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa Mālā - Dario Calvaruso

4-6 HK Yoga Biomechanics Lab - Jonas Westring
5-20/12 HK Embrace Part-time Hot Yoga Teacher Training - Frances Gairns
7-27 SG 21-day Hot Yoga Challenge - Copper Crow
7-27 SG 200-hr HOT YOGA Teacher Training - Copper Crow
11-21/12 SH Middle Path Vinyasa Teacher Training - Chops Hsu
12 HK Hugged by Nature: Outdoor Yoga Camp - Deva Biswas
14-27 HK 14-Day Consecutive Hot Yoga Challenge - Kate Little
17-27 HK The Energetics of Excellence: 100-hr Advanced Teacher Training - Patrick Creelmen
18-27 TP ​ Pre & Post-natal Yoga Teacher Training - Samantha Chan
19-20 SH Beginner’s Ashtanga Yoga - Path to Inner Peace - Ethan Lee
19-20 HK ​ Ceremony of the Heart: A Forrest Yoga Practice - Bernadette Leung
26-5/10 HK Living Yoga Therapy Teacher Training - Chandrika Gibson & Garrett Lane
25-6/12 HK Baptiste Live Your Yoga - Tryphena Chia
29-8/10 SG Mindful Birth: 100-hour Yoga for Pregnancy Birth and Baby Teacher Training - Dr. Jean Bryne & Michelle Papa
30-4/10 HK Shift Your Perspective: Beyond Basics – 5-Day Immersion - Anjan Kundu

4-5 SG Yoga Alliance Accredited Continuing Professional Development - Rob Schutze & Dr Jean Byrne
15-25 & 10-20/12 HK The Foundation - Patrick Creelmen
19-21/12 SG Baptiste Live Your Yoga - Tryphena Chia
30-1/11 SG Meditations To Discover The Divine In Everyday Life - Sumati Marut and Cindy Lee

1-15 HK Finding Yin in The Yang: A 50-Hour Yin Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training - Keiki To
4-8 HK Yoga Self-Realisation Immersion For Truthful Freedom and Living Magic - Andrei Ram
9-18 HK ​ Pre & Post-natal Yoga Teacher Training - Samantha Chan
10-15 SG The Escapade - Dagge & Hee Boon
11-15 SG Yoga Self-Realisation Immersion For Truthful Freedom and Living Magic - Andrei Ram
12-17 HK Living a Life of Joy Immersion Retreat - Carlos & Andy
18-22 HK Tricara Yoga 5-Day Immersion - Ross Rayburn

5-13 HK The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training - Ana Forrest
7-30 TP ©Universal Yoga Teacher Training - Andrey Lappa & Laura Huang

2-13 HK ©Universal Yoga Teacher Training - Andrey Lappa & Carrie Pun
7-17 SG The Energetics of Excellence: 100-hr Advanced Teacher Training - Patrick Creelmen

Instructors on Leave
Charat 23 Jun - 31 Oct
Ocean 25 Jun - 22 Jul
Daphne 27 Jun - 16 Aug
Adam 24 - 28 Jul

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